Friday, May 11, 2012

Walk a Jog

Our school's big fundraiser is called the Park School Walk a Jog.  We close off the street around the school and the kids walk or run around the block for an hour and a half and they are sponsored for how many checkpoint they do.  Afterwards there is a carnival.  It's really fun though it can be a long day. 

 OPB in his Walk a Jog tee.  Every year the tees are a different color.  This year the event was on Cinco De Mayo so they were red and green.
                                                    CMB and her best friend RL. 
 ABG and the gang.  The boys in the back are 5th graders and they were owning the school. AGB came straight from a game so he hadn't changed yet.
 CMB and OPB helping with set up.  It's an all hands on deck kind of event
                                 The carnival is always fun.  This is a ping pong ball race.
Adult volunteers having some down time after the event closes and we are done picking up!

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