Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30% off Pretties

J Crew has been having a 30% off sale in their brick and mortar stores for a week or so and I poped in on Friday to see if there was anything I had to have.  There wasn't any clothing items that I needed or wanted by I did pick up the pretties below for a song. First is the darling giraffe bracelet. I didn't care for the Ram headed one. I thought it was creepy. Like something you would wear if you were cast in a remake of Rosemary's baby. But this one was darling. I also grabbed the anchor pendant in blue. and the anchor bauble bracelet in ivory and gold. Theya re heavey and well amde and remind me of some of the wonderful old school jewlery J Crew used to make. They are some fun pieces and since I got all three for less than $100, I feel pretty good about my pretties. Especially since I noticed the girafee one on the web site this morning still at the full price of $98.  It was priced at $34 in my store, plus the 30% off. Worth checking out I think

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