Friday, July 6, 2012

Some 4th Fun

On the 4th of July the block my sister lives on has an enormous block party. AGB was playing in a baseball tournament so I took CMB and OPB for the fun. And there was a lot of fun ot be had!

 OPB and CMB in the little pool in the front yard with some friends. If you look closely in the background you can see them inflating the giant waterslide in the center of the strret.
 CMB in the dunk tank.  She thought this was really funny and spent a great deal of time there.
 OPB marshalling what he refered to as his minions. Otherwise knon as his cousin E and her friend P. It took both of them to make the super soaker work.
Later in the evening there were sparklers. I used to love sparklers and CMB did too. All and all a good time was had by all. The kids were super tired by the time we got home and totally crashed.

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