Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Reading

Nothing says summer like a good read whether it's done on the beach or not. I've always loved Edith Wharton novels, they take you back to a different time and the descriptions are so rich and amazing. The two books below take the original novels reimagine them on a different time and place but the rich descriptions and feelings remain.  I really enjoyed these and recomend them! What are you reading this summer?

 The Innocents take the Age of Innocence and places it in a contemporary North London Jewish neighborhood where Adam Newland is newly engaged to Rachel Gilbert when he meets her cousin Effie. I think this book is a little more sympathetic and that Rachel and Adam learn to be happy where as I am sure May and Archer were not as lucky.
The Gilded Age reimagines The House of Mirth in upper crust Clevland society.  This wasn't one of my favorite Edith Wharton books but I still enjoyed it. I always wanted to shake Lilly Bart and wanted to do the same here. I'm not quite done with this one so I can't say how true to the original inspiration it is but so far it's close!

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