Monday, January 28, 2013

Day out with Hounds

My daughter CMB and I ride with the Los Altos Hounds. My parents are the masters and I used to be a whipper in before I had kids. We went out a couple times over the holidays. CMB out grew her pony last year and her new horse, Dancer, is finally coming along. He's very sweet but a little young (or green as we say in the horse world) and he's quick so she has fallen off quite a bit. She's a tough cookie though and always gets back on. We had a great day, although it was cold with some nice views a one good long run.
 This is CMB on Dancer and me on Guiness. I've finally learned to trust him after I bad fall I took off him when he was younger. He's very sweet.
 CMB looking for the stirup cup! She has her own monogramed silver cup and there is always apple juice for her along with the port for the rest of us. Notice the tall boots, her first pair.
 Girls and horses, there is nothing quite like it!

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  1. Oh wow. I fell off a horse when I was younger after a few years riding and really hurt my back. I got back on that day but never again. Even now I have severe chronic pain as an adult. When my daughter wanted to start riding lessons I was a nervous reck. After 3 years and no falls she has decided that swimming is her thing. Thank God! Glad your daughter is one tough cookie. Good for her. Glad you enjoy your riding.