Saturday, January 26, 2013


I love navy and white and polka dots too so you'd think I would jump on this darling skirt from the J Crew factory site. I very nearly did. I have a small waist but curvy hips so the J crew pencil skirts don't fit me well. I loved the Belle skirt they did several years ago as well as the Nickki skirt and thought this one was a winner too. Then I read closer and it's 18 inches long. Way to short for me. I'm 42 and although I am in good shape and have nice leggs that's to short. Even if it were 20 inches I'd have it. I've noticed this is a pattern for them, along with the high waisted look in many of their dresses. If I were 20 years younger though, it would be mine. Do you think this menas I've outgrown j Crew? Say it isn't so!

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