Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bo Pretty!

I really do like Bobbi Brown cosmetics. I've strayed from them recently as I have been using Bare Essentials mineral makeup more and more but this palette caught my eye on the Nordstrom's web site and I think it could be the perfect palette for fall. The web site describes it as follows:

Bobbi Brown’s limited-edition Hot Cocoa Palette is filled with richly hued eyeshadows and a luminous blush that embrace the colors and textures of fall.

Eyeshadow shades include:
- Cream
- Velvet Plum Metallic
- Chino
- Nude Beach Metallic
- Warm Sand
- Pink Dusk Metallic
- Sandy Pearl Sparkle
- Black Chocolate

Blush in Bellini

I think it is really pretty but makeup is very personal and I can never manage to buy it on line. I really have to see it and try it so that I can see how it interacts with my skin tones. This one is intriguing enough that I plan to make the trip to Nordstrom's this week. What do you think? Pretty?

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