Monday, October 21, 2013

My New Favorite Jeans

Jeans are hard. Everyone has a favorite style and fit. I personally have a thing about affordable denim versus premium denim. I just have a hard time paying over $100 for jeans that I am going to wear to the barn and ball field. Now, I work full time in an office and wear dress slacks or a suit most days. Maybe I would feel differently if I wore jeans full time. Anyway, I picked up these Denizen by Levi's jeans at Target last week and I love them. I bought the "curvy boot" style and they fit me great. They are a mid rise fit and are slightly higher in the back so that they don't gap which is great. They cost $27.99 which is also great. The regular length is perfect for flats but I might go back and get a pair in long to wear with heels. I really like them and think they look great on which is what really matters!

1 comment:

  1. I rarely wear jeans anymore. I stopped in my 30's and I am just in the early 40's age category. I just prefer tan cotton pants over jeans any day. That said I have never paid over $39 for a pair of JCrew or Guess or Levis or GAP other "name" brand of jeans. I just get lucky and watch for sales:)