Friday, August 14, 2015

Harvest Garden

My daughter and I recently joined an organization called National Charity League. It's mission is to foster mothers and daughter volunteering together. Think Junior League only for mothers and daughters. The girls join at the end of their 6th grade year and remain members until the graduate high school. We've done some really fun things this summer but our favorite is working with the town of Hillsbourgh's Harvest Garden. It's quite cool, tucked away on a little side street between two homes is this little garden. It is a non-profit, organic, community garden that provides fresh vegetables to shelters for the working poor who can't afford food. It is planted, maintained and harvested solely by volunteers. The garden  beautified an unsightly vacant lot, provided involvement for area residents including school children, all while achieving its primary goal of providing for those in need. You can learn more on their web page which is here. In the past weeks we have weeded, planted and harvested everything from lettuce to beans to tomatoes and corn. Last weekend we planted a root vegetable garden they hope to get one crop out of before November. We've really enjoyed it and it's a great way to spend time with my daughter.

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