Friday, August 7, 2015

In the Navy

I've noticed something about all my recent posts with outfits I've been loving. Everything is navy! I recently packed to go to Yosemite for the weekend and all my tops were navy and white. Even my bridesmaid dresses were navy! I have to say it's my favorite color. I wear all navy the way some people wear all black. Somehow I just like it better, it's not as harsh and I think it's better with my skin tone. I also really like the nautical vibe, especially in summer.

Does that picture just make you glad it's Friday! It makes me even more glad I am heading over to my parent's place on the coast tomorrow morning!
I found the above image on Pinterest and love it. I'm wearing almost the exact same outfit today, except that my jeans are a darker wash.
Really I just love the color. It's crisp and fresh in a way black isn't. It's also a bit more unexpected. I have a beautiful navy blue wool dress that I often wear in place of a LBD, although since both blue and black start with "B", I guess it is!
Are you "in the navy"? or do you stick with black?

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