Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Am I the only one who HATES this print?

People have been talking about the new stained glass print at Jcrew. I've know a lot of bloggers love it and I've seen some cute Polyvore sets. It comes in a cardigan, a (very short) pair of shorts and a scarf. I liked it on line and hurried into my local Jcrew hoping to meet the new love of my life. I do like it when a print is great and repeated on mulitple items. There was a sailboat print a few years ago, I have the bikini, the cardi, the strapless dress and the silk scarf. If I love the print, I usually buy as many of the pieces as I can.

Well hello, disapointment! Although I suppose my credit card thanks you. I thought it looked drab and washed out. After the gray and taupe of the winter I was hoping for some clear true colors. And the shorts were way to short. As a tallish person (5 feet 8 inches) I have this trouble with many of Jcrew's darling prints. A 3 inch inseam on a short and 16 inch skirt barely covers my, well myself. I have fairly nice legs but that's to much leg to be sharing! Trust me on this.

Oh well, maybe there is a great print out there for summer just waiting for me. A girl can dream can't she?


  1. I really like it in the scarf. It adds a touch of interest to an outfit. But that's it!

  2. I agree! I don't like this print!

  3. I agree. I hate it too....awful. I want something pretty please!

  4. I agree too! Not a flattering print or color scheme. I saw this on a lady the other day who was wearing this with a hot pink a-line skirt. Hurt to look at - hurt a whole lot.