Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gotta Have Hose!

First off, thanks to everyone who made me feel better about my mini mid life crisis. The most classic was my sister who essential said "yep, getting old not deal with it" Nothing like a sister for some straight talk.

Anyway todays post is about hose. I know that panty hose went the way of the dodo bird. I haven't worn them in ages. I am talking about modern hose. Black, gray, ribbed etc. I just don't understand women who are walking around in January with bare legs under those cute skirts and dresses.

Case in point, as I walked to my office from BART this morning, I was following this totally well put together woman. She had on a wool coat in a nice shade of green with a cute scarf. It looked like a black pencil skirt and really killer black patent pumps, but bare legs. Now here in SF it is not as cold as it is in some parts of the country (especially right now) but still, it was below 50 degrees. In my book, that calls for tights. For the record, I was wearing grey ribbed tights with my bright blue belle skirt, a navy cardigan, flats and my burberry trench.

What do you stylish ladies think? Are tights or at least some version of leg covering required in winter? Trust me, my legs are pasty and white right now. Not to mention covered in shin bruises. When warmer weather approaches, I will renew my aquaintance with Jergens Natural Glow and proudly go bare legged. Until then, I wear tights!

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