Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is it me, or does it look totally to young?

Hi, I went by my B & M Jcrew last night to return the sunshine peony perfect shirt and had a good look around. I walked out with only the bateau striped shirt (I did buy it in both the carmel and pink stripe, already have the gray. I'm striped shirt nut but that's another post. Nothing else jumped out at me.

The this morning I was nosing around on the Jcrew site. Does it all look really young to you? The more casual skirts are so short! I tried to love the zebra print one but it was just to short. Nothing struck me as sensational and classy. I did put 2 of the suiting dresses in my cart but that's it. Not inspiring. I want to look smashing, not like I'm 20 years old. I felt American Eagle or Abercrombie were in the house. I'd be afraid I was getting to old for JCrew if I didn't see the cool sets on the JCS polyvore site. Those give me hope! The individual pieces may have potential but the presentation is leaving me underwhellmed. Thoughts?


  1. I have been feeling the same way...While I am nearing 40 I think some of JCrew's items are just too trendy now and they were NOT a few years ago. I have not aged that much! LOL.

  2. Yes, I agree....too many tiny mini skirts and short shorts. I bought a few things but was disappointed with the offerings for people over 14. I asked my PS to pass along my comment: Why not make the casual skirts a bit longer and let the young girls put hems in them to make them as short as they want. She agreed with me. I bought a few things on the EXTRA30 off this morning and got good prices on two cashmere sweaters.

  3. PS
    Even my husband has noticed the difference in JCrew. He no longer likes their shirts. I used to buy him shirts and sweaters there all the time.