Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I bought the beautiful J Crew doubl serge wool pencil skirt in neon azela during one of the recent promos. I love it. The color is bright and cheerful, like a pink highlighter. The trouble is when I put it on, I feel conspicuous. Like everyone out there is looking at my bright pink lower half. I'm not loving that feeling. So, I am trying to decide if it stays or goes. On one hand it's an amazing skirt. On the other, it's not getting out much because I feel super conspicuous wearing it. It's kind of like trying to decide if it's time to break up with that super popular high school boyfriend who you love because of what he represents but who really isn't right for you.


  1. A few years ago, I returned a pair of bright cherry capris (a predecessor to the cafe capri) thinking they were too bright and they sat in my closet for months, but they fit well and now I think about what a mistake that was (especially at some crazy low price like $14.99). If it fits well, I'd wear it with a conservative top and keep it!

  2. I agree with CAB. If it fits great wear it with a neutral top. I bet you will get lots of compliments:)

    1. Breaking up is hard to do....
      Sorry, I could not resist :/