Friday, April 27, 2012

Terrazo Time

I certainly wasn't planning to buy any more J Crew pencil skirts right now since my closet is full to bursting but I was returning some shirts I bought for Hubby the other day and saw this beauty and had to bite.  It is the Terrazo tweed pencil skirt and although it's hard to see it is a navy and white pattern, right up my alley.  I don't care for how they have it styled on the J Crew web site which might be why I never looked at it twice.  I'm going to wear it with my navy tippi sweater, a scarf around my neck and either navy or red heels for the office.  It will also go with just about any other color around in my closet but red, yellow and bright green are all likely to take their turns.  It fits like the other No. 2 skirts I have J crew and is fully lined.  Love it!

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