Monday, April 23, 2012

You go girl!

I think  sports are so important for kids growing up and especially for girls.  I know organized youth sports can be a pain and there are lots of weekends I'd rather be doing almost anything else that getting up early and going to a tournament of some sort, some where but I think it is worth it.  My oldest son, AGB, plays little league baseball and tournament baseball with a passion that has been well documented here.  However, I do think sports are maybe even more important for girls and that's one reason I have really been excited that CMB is playing lacrosse this year and loving it.  Here in Northern CA it isn't as popular as back East and I certainly didn't grow up playing it.  But it is growing in popularity and showing up more and more. She is in the Under 9 division and plays for the Coyotes. She's really loving it and it has rekindled her desire to play soccer and other running sports which I also love.  Do you think sports are important?  What sports do your kids play? If you played lacrosse as a kid, any pointers?

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