Thursday, March 14, 2013

Goals, life and so on.....

Sorry I've been MIA recently but I've just been in a funk. I feel overwhellmed and generally unhappy with pretty much everything and trying to focus on why I feel that way and how to fix it. On the outside, everything looks pretty good so why do I feel so crummy inside? That's the question I am trying to answer. Partly, I'm over committed. I work full time (I'm a lawyer), I have 3 kids (6th grade, 4th grade and 3rd grade), I'm the little league president, the incoming PTA president for next school year, the auction chair for my son's tournament team, AYSO soccer ref,  and the coach certification coordinator for my daughter lacrosse team. If I dig down to why I do all that the fundamental answer is that I am insecure. I don't think people will like me unless I am super involved. I need to be needed. In the nearly 5 years since I went back to work I have gained close to 15 pounds and hate that, yet I struggle with emotional eating and as you can imagine, I have a hard time fitting in exercise, yet how I look is important to me and so another source of frustration. I'm also 42 and trying to refine my style to reflect who I am now, but I'm not always certain who that is. But then I happened  upon Lara Casey's blog and shop and I think I may have turned the corner. Or at least found a path to start towards the corner.  I ordered her Making Things Happen Power Sheets and am eager to sit down and work on them. I do plan to keep blogging and hope you might keep reading. Does this sort of funck happen to you? Id welcome other tips and ideas! Thanks for reading!

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