Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dressing for Girls

It is so hard to dress my "tween" daughter. She is almost 10 and very tall and athletic. She wears a size 14 and a size 7.5 woman's shoe. She's also a total tomboy and wants to wear shorts and tee shirts everyday. She plays lacrosse, soccer and tennis as well as horseback riding. When I ask people where they buy clothes for their daughter I hear "Justice" alot so we poped by and all I can say is "NOT"! She's still a child, not a teenager, and in mind mind, alot of that stuff won't be appropriate when she is. I always end up at Lands End. She likes the comfortable nature of the clothes and I like that they cover her fanny and her tummy, not to mention lasting a whole summer and beyond. How about you?  Where do you shop for your daughter?


  1. I have a daughter who just turned 10 and my mother sent her a Justice gift card 2 years ago in an effort to be the cool grandma and I was not happy. I've been reading your blog for a couple of years and share your values and taste but I don't have a tomboy (rather a sporty, modest girl who is not comfortable with low necklines or shirts that show her belly when she raises her arms), so it's hard to suggest clothing for your needs - maybe Johnnie B? Mine is still wearing mini Boden because she's petite but Johnnie B is for older girls. The striped boatnecks and bretons might appeal her while still sharing your aesthetic. But I think if she's still willing, then Lands End is a good bet.

  2. My daughter dresses modestly and appropriately. We can find basic jeans and a nice turq. pair that fit her very slim body well at Justice. Many of their items look, well, a bit, trashy to me that I see others wearing. My daughter and I look carefully and can find nice argyle sweaters and a ruffled plaid blouse at Justice just to name a few things. They do have tasteful items if you look and at good prices. She gets gift cards from her grandparents there. Also, their bras and camisoles are so comfortable and well made. I would try again. I think it has been a great learning experience to shop there as I can teach my daughter what is tasteful and what is not. Before Justice we bought all her clothing from J.Crew and some from Land's End. Now we shop at Kohl's online a lot too. They have fantastic sales and we always use the additional 30% off codes.