Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Relaxed and Refined

Another focus for me on my road forward is an attempt to refine my personal style. I've always been a preppy person. Catholic school uniforms started my long relationship with plaid skirts and cardigans. Critter prints, madras, gingham, seersucker are all my friends. My motto is "relaxed and refined". I'm 42 now and some how certain things just don't seem like they work anymore. For example, no matter how good my legs are, and they are pretty good, the 3 inch printed shorts are likely a thing of the past. Same thing with mini's and short dresses. I do work for a bank but I don't see clients. My daily office wardrobe is good dress pants, a nice blouse or sweater top and a blazer. I rarely wear a full suit. I do sometimes wear dresses or skirts as well. More and more, my favorite pieces are coming from Banana Republic. I love the look above. It've just what I think about when I think about me. Do you have a style motto?

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