Saturday, September 14, 2013

Apples in the Autumn

First of all, my apologies for my absence this week. AGB took an elbow to the lip on Tuesday at school playing basketball and knocked out 2 front teeth. They are back in and stable now but his face is still rather swollen and painful. Eating lots of soup and smoothies. To add to the fun, he and his buddies downloaded some game over the weekend that came with a huge virus thing so my computer spent the week at the cleaners. All better now but don't you love 13 year old boys?

There is a feel of fall in the air right now. The kind that makes you think of boots and sweaters and maybe a fire. For me, fall is about apples, even more than pumpkins. My parents live on a huge apple orchard and press their own cider. Most of the acreage is leased to a larger corporate farm but there are always plenty left over. As a result, I love to cook with apples, even though I am not much of a cook. I found some amazing recipes at the blog called Baked by Rachel. My favorite is the apple cinnamon pull apart. I'm totally going to make that next! Check it out here. But there are also apple cheddar biscuits, apple cheesecake shortbread cookies and a bunch of other ones I can't wait to try! Yummy!

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