Friday, September 6, 2013

Talbots for fall?

As I continue to be uninspired by J Crew this fall, I have been searching for alternatives and recently ended up on the Talbots web site. I have a few things from them but nothing all that recent. i have to say I was impressed. as with An Taylor, it may be that the models speak to me as well as the clothes. They look like me and I can see myself going about my life in the clothes. I don't see that in J Crew, at least not right now and that's key for me. What about you?

 Love this blue blazer witht he green button down, bangles and belt. I also love the clean smiling model with normal lookinging makeup1
 I need a new weekend jacket and this could be it. More than that, I feel like I could buys everything she has on and love it. Especially love the bag. 
This is another great look and would be so easy and comfortable. 

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  1. I have been buying from Talbots almost exclusively for fall and winter the past three years. I love all my blazers and blouses and sweaters from them. I don't see anything at J.Crew anymore that inspires me which is sad. Talbots winter 2011 was the best IMO.