Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Neutral Color Story

The lovely blogger at Shopping with M did a great post about neutrals for fall. You can read it here. Anyway , it inspired me to look long and hard at my closet and I found much the same trend there. Navy and camel are the backbones of my fall wardrobe, much like navy and khaki are for spring and summer. The set above isn't very good but it gives you an idea. The trench coat gets a ton of wear. Here in the SF Bay Area, it isn't often cold enough to really need a heavy coat. Skinny jeans, navy slim pants, camel trousers, tippis and turtlenecks and a few skirts round it out. My red heels I just can't resist and they get use regardless of the season. Do you have a fall color story? Neutral or colorful?

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  1. The backbones of my fall wardrobe are primarily navy (but sometimes black) and pink....a fuchsia pink! Great post! I have a trench coat as well and wear that a lot in the fall and spring...our winter in Virgina is not terribly cold and only lasts about two months...thank goodness!