Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brooks Brother Fall

I've been looking wider a field for fall as J Crew hasn't been making my heart beat faster and ended up at Brooks Brother the other day. They have an amazing new flag ship store in Union Square, if you are in the area, check it out! Anyway, I have always bought clothes for Hubby and my boys there. My youngest loves their bow ties! But until recently thought their clothes seemed to, well old, for me. Maybe I'm more mature or they have updated their style, or a little of both but I loved a lot! Their stuff is pricey but incredibly well made. It fits better with my idea of investment dressing, that is fewer clothes of higher quality rather than tons of cheaper stuff. 
I love both of these looks and plan to at least copy them with stuff in my closet!

 This plaid wrap is to die for and looks great!
 Love this structured green satchel.
This ruffed plaid scarf is fun too. With navy or camel pants and an ivory turtleneck it would be a great accent.
I guess what I have discovered is a return to the really classic look is for me. I've always been more tailored and conservative a dresser than my sister or mom but my observations this fall confirm it! What about you? Do you shop Brooks Brothers?

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