Friday, September 20, 2013

Two Trends I'm Not Trying

I have posted about some of the things I am liking for fall so I though for a change of pace I would go with some things I am not trying. First off are printed skinny pants. The ones showcased here are J Crew but they are big pretty much everywhere. You can find them at all price points and prints in both pants and denim but the look just isn't me. It's not my body type so to speak, I'm tall and reasonably trim. I just cant do it for some reason. I'm 43, not 23 and maybe that's why? 
These two pairs I find particularly awful.  The top print is just ugly and the bottom pair are embellished jeans. They look more like something you would see at Justice or the Limited 2 aimed at 13 year old girls than something a grown woman would pay over $300 for.

 The second look I'm not doing is the critter sweater. Again, these are J Crew pictures but you can find this look everywhere. Again, I think maybe it's just too young. I could see my 10 year old daughter in one but not me.
 This top picture combines both the trends I'm not trying this year and the Bulldog (and the hen, the fox and French lady) just make me feel silly.
I'm not knocking these trends for everyone, so if you love them, please don't be offended. I'm just offering them as examples of something I've decided isn't for me. What do you think? Is there a trend you can't get on board with?


  1. I'm with you! Don't care for them....I could maybe do an anchor on the front of a sweater, but that's about it. Talbots even has critter sweaters this fall...guess they still want to have some "trendy" things to offer! The pants, no thanks either!

    I can't get on board with the statement necklaces. I actually like some of them and think some of them are just beautiful...just not beautiful on me. My daughters wear them...I stick with my double strand of choker pearls for my "statement"...LOL.

  2. I am with you regarding the Sweater with Objects on them. I do not feel like advertising a certain animal or items etc.

    I am definitely not 25 or 30 anymore. But I like the classic look.

    I actually have a pair of pants that people called skinny but I would not call them that. I am conscientious about having to wear a compression stocking on one leg so tight clothing around that area is not something I go for---leggins count as something I would not touch for that reason.

    I wear my classic items and I am happy.