Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do you have a SIgnature Color?

Remember in Steel Magnolias when Shelby (Juilia Roberts) says "I like pink, pink is my signature color"? It got me thinking, what is my signature color? Does a signature colro say something about you? If I had to pick the color I have most of, its probably navy blue. But then I thoguht deeper, is your signature color what you wear most or is it the color you feel happiest in. The color that makes you smile when you put it on? Yes, I wear a lot of navy, but navy is the base. The colors surounding the navy are yes, bright pink, bright kelly green and the occasional shot of bright yellow. I'm a brights girl. By brights I don't mean neon but that pure, clear color that stands out without punching you in the face. So yes, pink is my signature color. What's yours?


  1. Purple is definitely my color--all shades of it. Tan is my base color as well as black.

  2. I think blues and purples are definitely my signature colors.