Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Go Blueclaws!

I am sure that in the past I have mentioned my oldest son, A, is very into baseball. As in totally obsessed. As you can imagine that means we spend a lot of time at the Little League. I'm even on the board but that's another story, lets not go there. Well after 2 years of T-ball, 2 years of machine pitch (our league calls it A-ball) we are now in the Minors. It is the division for 9 to 10 year olds where the kids pitch but before they get to majors which is the big deal. Anyway this year we are in the hunt. There is much watching of other games and checking of standings at our house and through the 3rd and 4th grade at our school. In fact, if the San Mateo Little League American Blueclaws can win tonight we may have clinched the number one sport in our division and more importantly for the inter-city tournament in June. We have 2 more games after tonight but both against teams we have beaten earlier in the season. Tonight is the test. It seems silly to be so obsessed with whether a 9 year old wins a baseball game. Our parents won't assault refs or coaches nor will we berate the kids if we don't win but still. This team is a particularly nice group of boys who cheer each other on and are really excited about the game which has made it particularly nice to be involved with. So Go Blueclaws!

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