Friday, May 14, 2010

What to wear for?

In another week I have to travel from San Francisco to Charlotte for a business meeting. The itinerary says business casual. The purpose of the meeting is compliance and marketing and there will be several big whig present. It's a very short trip, flying on all day Tuesday, meeting all day Wednesday, meeting Thursday morning and then running to the airport to fly home so we can all be back in the office Friday.

I'm thinking I will wear my navy minnies on the plane with my white tuxedo shirt from JC so I can wear ballet flats. Likely I'll change into that same outfit to fly home. But for the meeting? I hate business casual because that can mean so many things. Here at the office in SF I usually wear a pencil skirt, cute buttondown or tee and a cardigan. I do hear that they are more formal in the Charlotte office. Add into the mix that many of the other attendees are old boy network brokerage firm types and several years older than I as well. I'm going to play with polyvore and I'll post some thoughts over the next few days but I'd appreciate your thoughts! Thanks and Happy Friday!

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  1. Funny...I will be flying from Charlotte to SF soon! Have a good trip and enjoy Charlotte. Hope it won't be too hot while you're there :)