Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Does fashion have to change at 40?

I know you regular readers are most likely getting sick of hearing me complain and whine about my upcoming 40th birthday. For some reason it is really bugging me. But since we are half way through May which means June is next month and my birthday is at the end of June, I guess I'm going to have to go through with it.

So, my big question is does your fashion/sense of style have to change at 40? Like all the looks you see in the magazine, how to wear something at 20, 30 and 40. Now I get the obvious ones, no more mirco minis, no more short shorts. But honestly, I didn't wear those when I was 20. And I am not talking about the rule my grandmother keeps mentioning like cutting my hair short, covering my arms etc. She keeps bringing me pictures of Hillary Clinton. Trust me, not going to happen. No, I am thinking about those fine lines, those of so subtal distinctions. In my mind I know that Juen 29 will be just another day and I'll keep going same as I am now, mostly but I can't help but think I am missing something key. Any thoughts?


  1. I'm 43 now, and turning 40 was really hard for me to accept, so I understand how you feel. I've reacted by starting to upgrade my style. Oversized '80s looks and grungy '90s things aren't working for me anymore, so I'm trying to figure out what does. I worry a lot about things being too girly/young on me, but I have no intention of cutting my hair or not wearing jeans. I want to look a little more polished at my age (ack), but still myself.

  2. I turned 40 last summer. It was just a number and I did not have any issues with turning 40. Did not change my style or what I wear at all. I hope you adjust well to your new age number:) I think 50 will be my issue.