Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just Wrong in So Many Ways

OK, I swear this is not whinning. This is sheer amazement at something that is so bad I feel the need to call it to you attention lest it tragically fall into your shopping cart and find it's way into your home. J Crew calls this the Super 120 Tulip Mini Skirt. Their description is:

"Swaths of our famed four-season Super 120s merino wool drape divinely from a fine Japanese grosgrain elastic band, creating this modern desk-to-dinner skirt that's at once sweet, sexy and sophisticated. Sits at waist. Fully lined. 17 1/2" long. Import. Dry clean. Catalog/ only."

Ok, translation time. First off instead of "swathes" read "hip highlighting". Second, I don't know about you but there is nothing desk appropriate about 17 inches at my office. I don't want my office look to be sweet or sexy. This certainly isn't sophisticated. Add to that the no makeup, messy hair poor posture and wack-a-doodle footwear choices and this is an epic fail. Topped off by the fact that is cost $138. J Crew, I am truely speechless at how bad this is. Now, let me call your attention to the picture below

This is older J Crew, 2007 I think. Anouck is my favorite all time J Crew model. I used to want to buy everything she tried on and I endlessly tried to copy her lipstick shades. Anyway, these girls look happy, clean and really quite darling. I would buy the skirts they are wearing for $138. And they aren't "swathed" in anything. I know I am of the group that perfers the "old" Jcrew to the current one but really, can you blame me?

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