Friday, January 20, 2012

Brooks Brothers Spring for kIds

I found this adorable picture on the Brooks Brothers Facebook page. It's part of their spring line. I know it is still along time till spring but I adore the red jeans on the little girl. CMB is 8 but almost as tall as her 11 year old brother. She's to old to dress like a little girl in the smocked bishops she and I used to love but I don't want her to dress like Brittney Spears. I tend to buy most of her clothes from Lands End. Partially because, she is still a kids and hard on her clothes and partially because I can be sure the jeans will cover her fanny and the tops will cover her tummy. I love Brooks Brothers for myself and Hubby loves them too but I forget they do kids clothes. Well maybe I forget they do boys clothes because both my boys have navy blazers from there. Anyway what do yu think? Do you buys kids clothes at BB?

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  1. I do for myself and since the girls line came out, for my daughter, too. But her BB casual clothing doesn't get worn as much as the BB church clothing. I prefer traditional clothing but we're in public school where everything seems to go. I've been amazed how she's been able to take BB, Crewcuts, and some other boutique clothing she has and mix it with her tennis and other sport clothing so that she goes to school looking like a ragamuffin. But since we just switched from private to public school, I'm sympathizing with her need to try to fit in. Most important is that they feel good about themselves. But my daughter says that she'd rather wear a uniform so that she doesn't have to worry about clothes, so it's definitely something that is on her mind.