Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Do Over

Well I had great plans for starting the New Year off right when our routine offically bega on Tuesday the 3rd. The kiddies would go back to school, I would go back to work and the exercise, sleep, eating right resolutions would begin. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men? Tuesday morning began with daughter CMB looking kind of off, you know how kids do? There didn't seem to be anything really wrong but she just didn't look right. Well I wasn't totally surprised to get a call from the school telling me she was sick. Hubby was working from home and picked her up. Cue the first night of high fever and vomit. I worked from home on Wednesday and it began with a scary high fever and a really ugly rash. Hubby took the boys to school and we headed to the pediatrian. The answer? The "slapped face" virus. Apparently this is a virus somewhat similar to Chicken Pox that is highly contagious, causes a high fever and a red rash that makes it look like someone slapped your face. Hence the name. Enter the second night of fever and vomit. Thursday she was some what better. Still running a fever but much less and she slept better. Hubby is working from home today since I had a meeting I couldn't miss and she is clearly in better sprirts. Fingers crossed right now that no one else becomes ill. I think I deserve a do over don't you?

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