Monday, January 9, 2012

Shopping Plan for 2012

I spent some time over the weekend going through my closet and pulling out items that are worn, don't fit or are just not getting the use they should. I've come to some conclusions about my style and created a shopping plan for 2012. My biggest tendancy is to buy for the life I wish I had and not the actual life I live. I work full time as a compliance attorney in a bank so jeans, knits and tees and more casual attire are a smaller part of my closet. Hopefully this will help me stay on track.

1. Blazers: I love blazers and am in pretty good shape. I have the necessary black, navy, gray, pinstripe and camel blazers, plus the great aubrey berry color I got for Christmas. I'd love to get my hands on a lexington or bella and will watch ebay for deals but overall I think I am in good shape here.

2. Pants: I really am not a huge fan of pants. I try to be but tend to reach for skirts much more. I have a great pair of black ones and also gray ones as well as navy pinstripes. I would really love to find a perfect pair in camel lightweight wool. I do have minnies and cafe capri pants in navy, black and white which I do wear on weekends and casual days. Again, I could use a pair in khaki.

3. Skirts: This is my best catagories. I really am a skirt person and have added several this past year. Of course I love the J crew pencil in the double serge wool. I have that in black, bronze ocher and now the Viridian green. I also have the necessary denim pencil. My love this past fall/winter has been the flair skirt which I aquired in the camel, navy, henna and rose print. Given the mild climate we have here in Northern California, I can wear these skirts almost year round. I'm pretty much set for skirts. I would love to have a red pencil and have added this to my ebay watch list.

4. Sweaters: I am also in good shape here. I have weeded out the pilly, nasty ones and the ones that remain are the right colors and in good shape. No real need to aquire more here.

5. Blouses: Again, in pretty good shape. I love button down shirts and have several that are in good shape. I always have to watch my white ones because they wear out faster than others but do not need many here.

6. Knits and tees: These I need to stop buying from J Crew as I threw out serveral relatively new ones with holes. I have several nice ones from Banana Republic that I wear under blazers and cardis for work. These will need to be replaced as necessary but it is not a category that actively needs to be shopped.

7. Shoes: In need of some updating. I have developed some foot issues and so have thrown out cheap and/or poorly made shoes. This area will be updated thoughtfully and with an emphasis on quality. I need a pair of leopard pumps and heeled black boots most and would love to find a great pair of red heels as my red juliets are looking sad.

8. Bags: I continue my quest for the perfect bag. For me this needs to be large enough to carry my heels, lunch and boot as well as my general purse items. Right now I am using 2 bags for this and will continue to look. I am hoping I am about to get a new job that I would communte to in my car as opposed to BART which would make some things change.

9. Jeans: I don't wear them alot but have a comfy weekend pair and two pairs of good dark jeans, one for flats and one for heels that I wear to the office on Fridays as well as one pair of skinnies I tuck into boots on the weekends or going out. Unless something tragic happens, I should be good.

10. Coats: In great shape here. I have a red J Crew lady day coat and a slightly longer cashmere camel coat that are in perfect shape as well as a Banana Republic trench that is in good shape. I admit I'd like a new navy peacoat but it's in no way needed.

So that about sums it up. Really, I came out of my closet cleaning feeling pretty good. Shoes are likely the main focus of 2012 as is the quest for the perfect bag but overall, the closet is in pretty good shape. What do you think of my plan? Do you make similar ones?

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