Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Defintion of Style

Now we all have an idea of what style is and it's slightly different from person to person. But I have been thinking a lot about what style really means and what it means to me. I came across this quote in a book about Jackie Kennedy, a true style icon.

"Style is not a function of  how rich you are, or even who you are. Style is a habit of mind that put quality before quantity, noble struggle before pure achievement, honor before opulence. It's what you are. It's your essential self"
That idea really reached me. The idea that style is more than how you dress or what you look like. It is a part of self and a way of life. So I have been thinking about style differently. For me it encompasses my job, my family, my volunteer activities. It's what makes you strive to do more, do better. Your clothes are but a reflection of this. Does that make sense? What do you think?

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  1. Totally agree...I chuckle at some people who identify themselves as "preppy" and the only preppy thing about them is the way they dress....preppy is a mindset...style is definitely not just what you wear, it is who you are and a way of life.