Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Frocks

While not officially entering into the Christmas spirit until the day after Thanksgiving, I do admit that if you are going to be prepared with the perfect "frock" for holiday fun, a bit of planning is in order. I like the word "frock" as opposed to "dress" don't you? It sounds like so much more fun! I don't have as much call for holiday "frocks" as I used to. Most of my holiday fun involves girl scout caroling, gingerbread house decorating and other more casual events. Still a girl can dream, can't she?
 This perfect LBD is from Banana Republic. This is truly one that could pretty much go anywhere and could possibly even transition from desk to night out with a change of shoes, hose and jewelry.
 This silk and cashmere beige/gold dress is from Brooks Brothers and looks both comfortable and elegant.
 I adore this dress from Anthropologie and if I had any place to wear it, it would already be in my closet!
This dress from J Crew is similar to the one above. Looks slightly high waisted to me but I have that problem with a lot of dresses from J Crew. Sill looks fun though.
So what are you wearing for your holiday fun?

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  1. Love the last one from J Crew....I am changing it up this year and got a black cashmere boat neck sweater to wear with a red matte satin full skirt (knee length). I am ALWAYS cold at these holiday parties so my plan is to stay warm and look stylish with the sweater and skirt. I am dressing it up with a double strand of choker pearls and some diamond and pearl earrings. I don't have as many parties as I used to either...but there are a few that happen every year that I just rotate outfits for!