Thursday, November 14, 2013

Life in the Land of Flats

I've always been a ballet flat kind of girl, for casual days and weekends that is. To the office I have tended to wear heels with either pencil suits or dress slacks. My office, I'm an attorney for a very large national bank, isn't formal but it's above business casual if that makes sense. However, I have recently been sent to the land of the flat full time. What was a small bump that the doctor thought was a bone spur on my right foot developed into a full blown bunion literally over night. Sorry, gross I know. I also have arthritis in my right foot from a long ago accident cause when a horse I was riding slipped and fell, crushing my foot between her body, the stirrup and the ground. Suffice it so say, right now I can't get my heels on, let alone even walk to the car. They Ashley flat above from Banana Republic is one of my favorites. It's got some inside support and cushioning too. This camel and gold combo is getting out a lot but I'll be investing in a few more pairs. I've been wearing hem with slim ankle pants, blouses and a blazer. How does that sound? Any other thoughts about office attire with flats? Or even great flats?

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  1. So sorry to hear about your foot! I wear flats all of the favorites are from Talbots, I love the Tory Burch Caroline's, if you want to totally splurge, the Ferragamo Varina is amazing, and of course you can find some cute ones at J Crew too!

    Hope your feeling better soon!