Friday, November 1, 2013

Hold on one moment please!

Now that Halloween is over there is the temptation to dive head long into the Christmas holiday season. There are already Christmas items in my Target and I suspect if (alright when) I go to Starbucks this morning there will be red cups. But please, everyone hold up one moment. I love the festive holiday season as much as anyone but when did Thanksgiving stop being a holiday to celebrate? In a lot of ways, I like it better than Christmas. The focus is on family and food and fun, with a little football thrown in, without the pressure of creating the perfect card, dinner, party, gifts or memories. Sometimes I think of Thanksgiving as Christmas, without the pressure. That doesn't mean I don't love Christmas, I just want to enjoy Thanksgiving first. There is also something great about having a more limited time to be festive. I can't keep that going fro 2 months. December is plenty of time. I do put my tree up and decorate the house, the first Saturday in December but not till then. What do you think?

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  1. I used to totally agree with you; however, I Thanksgiving is dying a slow death. Look at all the stores now breaking YEARS even DECADES of tradition and opening on Thanksgiving Day this year. Christmas will continue to creep its way into the slowly eroding holiday of the last Thursday of the month. I think in addition it will be more event to top off the early store openings in that Thanksgiving is so late this year offering less time for Christmas shopping. My families plan. We are donating gifts to the foster children cause in our area and are only giving each other one small gift this year and looking into serving Christmas dinner at a soup kitchen.