Thursday, November 7, 2013

Signature Tartan Love

I think I posted a while back about the "Signature Tartan" they have now at Brooks Brothers. I really love it. It's a very nice camel, green, navy and burgundy tartan that does not scream "Christmas" as some tartan prints do so it could be worn more fall/winter long as opposed to just in December. My family isn't crazy about matching clothes but I am thinking about sneaking these touches in for our family picture on the Christmas card. 
 The boys bow tie for OPB!
 Vickers Bow Bracelets for CMB and I!
Regular ties for Hubby and AGB.
Picture that with white shirts for everyone, khaki pants and navy blazers on the boys and khaki skirts on CMB and myself, her with white knee socks and loafers, me in tights and pumps. Or would that be overkill?

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