Friday, March 18, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

I love summer. It's just about myfavorite time of year. Warmer weather, cuter clothes (come on, it's totally true) bright pink pedicures, parties, you name it. Summer wins hands down. There is just one aspect of summer I dread every year. One you have to confront long before the wonderful summer season actually arrives. Those of you with school aged kids know what I mean. The dreaded SUMMER CAMP. I really loath summer camp sign up time. The times, locations, and don't get me started on the cost. It takes me several days to sort through who wants to do what when and where, But frankly, especially if you are a working parent, camps are an inveitable part of summer. None of my kids, except AGB are old enough for sleep away camp and AGB firmly declined the suggestion. Instead, he is going to do a mix of his favorite baseball camp, flagg football, soccer and 2 weeks of a regular, old fashion day camp. He will also work with his tutor weekly. CMB would go to sleep away camp in a heart beat but she isn't old enough. Instead she is going to do 2 weeks of tennis, 2 weeks of horse camp and 2 weeks of full day girl scout camp that invovles a single overnight. OPB is my brainy kid who is not particuarly interested in sports. He's going to do two weeks of basic day camp with his brother, a week of "awesome enginering", a week of "spy academy" and a week of something called "hover craft" where they will build one. He also must learn to swim this summer. See what I mean about a daunting task? Fortuntely most of this takes place through our local parks and rec department so it's pretty reasonably priced. Do you send your kids to camp? If so where?

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