Friday, March 11, 2011

Ode to the Navy Blazer

Is there any article of clothing so essential as a navy blazer? It works so well in so many situtations, dressy or casual, male or female. The blazer comes in many different varieties but the most classsic are clearly Brooks Brothers or J Crew, although Lands End is nice. On Christmas Eve my husband and son were identical in their Brooks Brothers navy blazer, khaki trousers and plaid ties. So cute!

Brooks Brothers boys balzer. This is actually the one I have. I wear a size 16 boys and it is darling. I have a blackwatch plaid one too.
Brooks Brothers women's blazer. What can you say? it's a classic.

J Crew school boy blazer. I have this one in gray as well. A great piece. Do you own a navy blazer? How do you wear it?

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  1. i still have my ralph lauren navy blazer i bought when i was just out of college, um, almost 17 years ago....but talbots did an amazing fitted one this fall that i'm kicking myself for not new follower! :-)