Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Entertaining is Fun! or Fighting the Will to be Dreary!

Entertaining is fnu is a neat book by Dorothy Draper (1889-1969). Dorothy was a contemporary of Diana Vreeland and Elsie de Wolfe and became an icon of stylish living through her interior decorating and many books. Originally published in 1941 this book is a really fun read. Given the time frame in which it was written, not all of us live the lives her hostesses live. I know I don't. But the part I thought was the most important was how important it is to fight what she called the "will to be dreary". That over whelmming feeling of "why bother" or "I'm to tired" or "it's to much trouble". I fall prey to this every now and then. I work full time outside the home and have three school aged kids, two of whom have learning disabilities. Lately I have been feeling a case of the blahs. I was feeling sad that it was about to be Memorial Day and I didn't have any fun plans or invitations. The I decided I was being dreary. I called my mom and sister and are going to my folks beach place this weekend with the kids. I took Friday off from work just because and called a couple friends and am throwing a BBQ at my house on Monday. So there! Now I feel much better. How do you fight the will to be dreary?

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