Thursday, May 5, 2011

How cute is this?

So I am seeking with quite desperation for something towear to my twins First Communion this weekend. It's a 9 am mass and then a small family brunch at my house. It's a slow day at work and my boss is out of the office. A combination of things that leads me to online browing. I found this cute outfit on the Nordstroms web site. Now I know it's not what I want to wear to the First Communion but I still might at least try and copy it, if not run over there on my way home and buy every single piece. I've never been a Nordies shopper for some reason. I have tended to buy from J Crew or Banana Republic for basics and work staples and Lilly Pulitzer is my go to place for a special dress with a occasional stop at Tory Burch and Kate Spade. But really, I think I may be missing something here. I'm less than thrilled with the offerings at J Crew this year. Things seem like they are very short skirts and very high prices. And I had a horrid trip to Banana last week. Sorry folks, $100 work pants should be lined. Anyway, I'm thinking it might be time for a fresh start. What do you think? Do you guys shop at Nordies? Or another department store? And if anyone has a suggestion for what I could wear to a 9 am mass on a morning that will likely be partly cloudy in the 50's, please share!

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  1. I like Nordstrom's website and have ordered a few things from there, but I always get confused in the actual store and don't know where to look (except the shoe dep't...) This is a great-looking outfit!