Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here come the party pants!

I love white jeans. They look so great and just scream summer fun to me. When I was a kid my Dad had a pair of white jeans that he used to put on late in the afternoons on the weekends with a Tommy Bahamas shirt. We called them his "party pants". Somehow the name stuck and even now when anyone in my family comes out in white jeans people yell "party pants". These days though, white jeans have gone more mainstream. I wear mine other places although I don't feel they belong in an office. I work as a lawyer in a bank remember. What kind of white jeans do you like? I have the ones above which are a Banana Republic Wide Leg Flare. I also have a pair of white boy friend jeans I like to wear rolled up with a tank top and flip flops. I have not jumped on the white skinny jeans band wagon. I am a size 10 with "athletic" thighs so unless I'm wearing boots, I tend to prefer a boot cut or flare jean. I do wear white capris though so maybe I'm missing out. What do you think? Another important thing is keeping your "party pants" in pristine condition. I suggest you invest in some Oxyclean. I put my whites in alone and let them soak on the Oxyclean before washing them and I don't use the dryer. I like Oxyclean better than bleach because I also think bleach yellows the fabric. For a really bad stain a great tip is to make a paste of Oxyclean and leave it on the stain. Put it in the sun if you can. Then wash and it really comes out. Let's all cheer for the return of the "Party Pant"


  1. I've been wearing white jeans all week, since I break them out after Easter. I love Lilly's main line jean, it has a nice flared leg. I did jump on the skinny jean band wangon and got a white pair from Lands End Canvas, love them! But I have to wear a long tunic with them to make sure the back side is covered :)

  2. I have 2 pair of JCrew white jeans I got on super sale for $12 several years ago. I agree to keep them in great condition you need to use something like Biz or White Bright (or is it spelled Brite?) Anyway, I have never found Oxyclean to work as well as the two brighteners above. Also, old fashioned blue-ing is great for whites. Love it!