Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to be a good house guest

As summer comes ever closer now is the time that those wonderful invites to visit wonderful places come around. The fabulous blog Social Primer has a terrific post today on how to be a good house guest. Click on the link to read the whole post. http://www.socialprimer.com/2011/05/most-favored-guest-status-house-guest-code/

In today's fast moving, sensationalized world I find that manners sometimes get lost. Little things, like a hostess gift upon arriving and a thank you note upon returning home, mean so much and yet so rarely happen. The importance of pitching in and helping, of conforming to your hosts or hostesses habits are also important, and yet somehow missing. Make yourself a happy useful guest and you will be invited back.

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  1. Love Social Primer! I couldn't agree more..whenever friends invite me to their home I try extra hard to be gracious!