Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Recap and a New Family Member

We had a lovely weekend weatherwise here in Northern California. Much of Saturday was spent at the ball park. Saturday morning AGB had an early game in which he was the starting pitcher. He had a great game and went 64 pitches which was 4 innings. He only walked 2 batters and allowed 3 runs. Pretty good for a 10 year old. He was hit by a pitch in the hand during the 5th inning and the coach pulled him rather than risk the hand. A great game which we ulitmately won 9 to 7.

On Sunday, I went with my mom and CMB to look at some new horses. My mare , Jasmine, had to be put down last month and CMB has totally outgrown her pony. Ultimately, we found the dark and handsome gentleman below. The newest member of our family is Dancer. He is a 15.1 hand quarter horse gelding. He had lovely gaits and was very sweet and gentle and should be a perfect next step for CMB. He needs to gain some weight and shed out that winter coat but we are excitedly awaiting his arrival sometime later this week!

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  1. good luck finding a new horse, CMB's new guy has a kind eye! I hope he takes great care of her!