Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What have I gotten into?

It shouldn't be a surprise when I say, AGB, my oldest son loves baseball. I think everyone who reads my blog knows that. He's 10 and playing on a great Little League team in the upper division for his age. He goes to baseball camp every summer and plays in the "fall ball" league our Little League puts on which is just designed to play and have fun. No score keeping, standings play offs etc. What I have sucessfully avoid up till now is the dreaded tounrament team. Last week he was invited to try out for a 10 year old tounrament team in the area with some of the other guys on his team. He was desparate to try out so I thought, why not. Well he made it and of course is totally over the moon about it. I'm happy for him, really I am but now a summer full of weekends spent at the baseball field loom before me. I totally believe in the importance of sports in a childs life and this is a huge acheivement for him. 40 kids tried out, 12 made it. That's something he can be justifiably proud of. Still, I admit to some misgivings. I was kind of looking forward to a weekend that didn't inlcude hours spent at the ball park or practice field. I guess that's what moms and dads are for right? By the way, don't ask me how I became the baseball parent. When AGB was 5 and starting t-ball I was a stay at home parent and hubby was just starting his own buisness. I ended up the managing that t-ball team and it sort of snow balled. Now I am secratary on the Little League board. Most importantly AGS loves that I do this with him and he always wants me to take him and come watch or play with him. I suppose that is why I do it.

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