Monday, May 23, 2011

Summering in Seersucker

Do you love seerucker? Do you wear it? I confess that here in Norther California it is not much in vogue. It simply isn't that hot here, nor does it get humid as it does in the South and North East. I am loving this post over on the Brooks Brothers blog, Rouges and Gentlemen. Follow the link to read the whole post.

To me seersucker is summer, even here. I have a great pair of tailored bermunda shorts and a blazer. I prefer the traditional blue and white seerucker but have been know to rock pink and white. J Crew makes great seercuker bikini's too. I have some of them too. There is something about seersucker that just says summer. If if you aren't sitting outside with friends, watching the fireflies while sipping something cold and delicious, which of course is how I prefer to enjoy it!

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