Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Field Trip

Field trips as I recall them are few and far between in public school these days. AGB's 4th grade class to a real old fashion all day long field trip to Sacramento last week. He took my older digital camera along and took some fun shots. The one above is of him and his 3 best buddies with the sate bear. It was a great day. They left on a real school bus at 7 am and returned at 5:30. Wow were they tired. Along the way they visited the Capital building, Sutters Fort and Old Town Sacramento. It was a real big boy day. I did not go as a chaperon because I had a big meeting. He took about $10 of his own money and was able to buy what he liked. He got a wooden yo yo and some salt water taffy. He didn't lose my camera. All and all. A sucessful day. My baby is growing up.

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