Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Troop 32599 does Camporee

This past weekend, CMB's brownie troop, 32599, attended our spring camporee. The fun starts Friday night and goes till Sunday morning. It is held at a YMCA camp in Pescadero. Last year it was really hot and sunny, not so much this year. It was cold and damp. A good time was still had by all! CMB at the archery range. Our troop was not old enough to do this last year so everyone wanted to do it this year. It was harder than it looked but most of the girls eventually managed to at least hit the target.

On the zip line! This is everyone's favorite activity

Troop 32599 in all it's glory. We say 12 banana slugs on this nature hike. A camp record!

Canoe time! Just in case you did not know, if you put 3 girls into a canoe someone will have to go fetch them and that someone will likely fall in the lake.

CMB on the rock climbing tower. She love this activity and climbed all four sides numerous times. Even the advanced side

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