Monday, June 20, 2011

Ode to the Shirtdress

I love a shirtdress, especially in the summer. There is no other way to look as effortlessly polished on a warm summer day than the right shirtdress. And what makes the right shirtdress you ask? It should be a crisp fabric with some body to it. Not clinging in otherwords. I usually lose the fabic belt they tend to come with and wear a leather belt. It must be long enough too! This is especially important in dressing for work. Either right at the knee or maybe just an inch over. Anything more is likely to much leg. Worn with a cute flat or wedge this is the perfect summer outfit. And totally effortless! Just throw it on and go. I'm in love with this J Crew dress. It's right in so many ways. However, the major fail is length. It's way to short. I tried, I really did but there was no way to make it work so back it went. I hate the shoes too. I like a cute shoe. These don't seem to go with the fun summer vibe I get from my shirt dress. What do you think?Do you wear shirtdresses? Love them? Hate them?

1 comment:

  1. I like them too, but they aren't always the most flattering on me...