Friday, August 5, 2011

I Surrender - Wearing Glasses

Ok, I confess. I wear glasses. Interestingly I am not totally blind without them but I am pretty near sighted. My main optical issue is that without my glasses I have no, as in zero, depth perception. As a child people always wondered why I was so clumbsy, well without depth perception you run into and trip over a lot of things. I always hated them and started wearing contacts as soon as I could. I've always struggled with my contact though because of infections. I get cold sores in my eyes. Not on my lips. Something about contacts causes them to come back more easily and frequently. And of course, getting one while wearing contact imeadiately ruins the contacts. Over the years I have tried just about every type of contact out there. Even the wear once and through away kind. Those work best but I got through them way faster than VSP pays for them. So I am giving in, embracing my glasses.

This will require 2 steps. First I need new frames. My current ones look sort of like Harry Potter's frames. Round, tortiseshell wire frames. I think they date from college. Since have rarely worn them, I haven't replaced them. I like the ones the model above is wearing but they might be a little to trendy for me.

Second is I need to review my makeup look with glasses on. Bobbie Brown had some great tips for makeup looks with glasses. To start out she recomends that you wear less eye makeup since the glasses already draw attention to your eyes. She also emphasizes the importance of undereye concealor and corrector which does make sense. Her two step process is great since the corrector is pinkish and the concealer is yellowbased. I might check it out. I've never used it but my sister uses Benefit Boing and swears by it.

Another thing Bobbi suggests is eyeliner. I get this as it helps define your eyes behind your glasses. I love her gel eyeliner and have it in several colors. I really love the graphite and the black mauve shimmer.

It is also very important to define your brows when wearing glasses. I confess that I don't always do this. I keep my brows neat and tidy but don't always comb them or use a pencil/powder thing to define them. I'll have to work on that.

Lastly, Bobbi stresses that it is super important to wear lipcolor when you wear glasses. I can see this. I always wear lip color so this one isn't hard for me to follow.

Do you wear glasses? Have any special tips for me? What do you think about the tortiseshell frames the model is wearing? I worry that they might seem dated very quickly.


  1. Who says wearing glasses aren't fashionable? There are people who look fabulously sexy when they wear glasses. It's unfair, though. When I wear glasses, I look like an old spinster. (Big sigh)

    Vincent Davis

  2. Well, depending on the style a pair of glasses can improve your looks. Heck, I even know some people say that wearing glasses is fashionable.

    Sam Times